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Landscaping and Plantings 

Well designed plantings and landscaping provide stunning curb appeal and assist in making a landscape look finished and polished. They help to soften outdoor spaces and bring warmth to any project. Plantings can be very simple, ranging from privacy hedges of trees and shrubs, to more complex designs with intricate perennial gardens featuring many layers of color, texture and seasonal interest.

No matter the size or scope of your landscaping project, a few things need to be considered for its long-term success - the amount and type of sunlight, moisture and drainage, pest pressure (deer, rabbits, insects), and the amount of maintenance the space will require to be sustainable. During our on-site consultation we gather as many of these inputs as possible to provide the best designs that will fit your needs and provide long lasting beauty. 

There are a two key philosophies we follow when designing and installing new landscapes which we often see overlooked. One is  "right plant, right place", meaning to use plant material that will thrive in the conditions in which it is used. A sun-loving plant should not be used on a shady site, and a plant that thrives in dry soils should not be used in a saturated area like a rain garden. The second is "put a $10 plant in a $20 hole". Plants will only be as good as the soil they are planted in, so amending as needed for a success planting is very important. 

We specialize in the following types of landscaping and planting - 

  • Foundation plantings
  • Theme Gardens
  • Shade Gardens
  • Privacy/screen plantings
  • Perennial Gardens
  • Native Plantings 
  • Pollinator - Friendly Gardens
  • Custom Vegetable Gardens
  • Home Orchards
  • Rain Gardens/ Bioswales

Lawn Installations

Everyone loves the look of a thick, green lawn; and the feel of that soft grass under bare feet. If your lawn could use a fresh start we can help. We will strip off your existing lawn, regrade as needed and install fresh topsoil. Your new grass can be installed in 3 different ways - traditional seed and straw, hydroseeding, or sod. 

Traditional seed and straw is the most economical option, and is best reserved for fall season installations when competition from weeds is at a minimum. 

Hydroseeding combines grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch (the green stuff) into a slurry which is sprayed over the new lawn area. The benefits to hydroseed is better moisture retention, no straw blowing around in the wind, and a higher germination rate than traditional seeding. Hydroseed also helps retain soil from erosion. Although more expensive than traditional methods, the results are worth the extra money. 

For the ultimate lawn, sod is your only choice. Sod is mature grass that is harvested and installed on your lawn the same day, and looks much like rolls of carpet when it is delivered. You can leave for work in the morning and come home to a lush, green lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors that afternoon. The "wow factor" of a sod lawn is unmatched. Sod does come with a high demand for watering for a few weeks after it is installed. We only recommend a typical sod installation when an irrigation system is installed. 

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