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Excavation and Equipment Services


We offer a wide range of small to medium excavation and equipment services for your home or commercial property. With a our background in finishwork, we know how to maintain a clean, efficient jobsite. We believe that all work from start to finish should be completed to the highest standard of quality, even if it will be buried, backfilled, or otherwise unseen. If you have a project that can use a little heavy lifting, our equipment is available on a per job or per hour basis with an experienced operator and delivery, ready to work.

  • Excavators of different sizes
  • Skid steers with many attachments
  • Tractor with attachments  

Brush Mowing/ Large Area Mowing

"Bush hogging" "Rotary mowing" "Field mowing". Whatever you call it, we have you covered. From 1 to 100+ acres, we can get the job done. Mowing is priced per job, per hour, or per acre. Our services include

  • Reclaiming fields,fencelines and hedgerows.
  • Mowing of pastures,fields, retention pond edges, and swales.
  • Clearing of brush and trees less than 3"+/- in diameter.
  • Mowing building lots and rights-of-way

Drainage Services

Wet areas around your property and home can cause damage to structures, your landscape, and render areas useless. Areas of standing water can also be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and generally just look bad. We offer many options to help fix these issues.

  • French Drains
  • Curtain Drains
  • Footing Drains
  • Drywells
  • Swales
  • Catchbasins
  • Gutter Drains
  • Rain Gardens 

Gravel Driveway Services 

Proper installation and maintenance are critical to a successful, passable gravel driveway. Maintaining good grading and drainage will help to reduce potholes, rutting and washboarding.

  • New driveway installation
  • Pothole repair
  • Regrading and drainage issues repaired
  • Resurfacing
  • Maintenance
  • Item IV and Stone Delivered 


Would you like more usable space around your property? Have a low spot that collects water? Grading or regrading around your home or property can help with these issues and many more. The correct grade around structures help reduce water around foundations, reduce icing issues in the winter due to pooling water. On lawn areas, it can make mowing easier on steep or sharp hills, provide flat spaces for sports, play areas, and many other uses.

  • Finish Grading
  • Rough Grading
  • Swales
  • Topsoil and Clean Fill Delivered 

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